Friday, 6 December 2013

My Experience Of Making Money Online With SupportingAds

My Experience Of Making Money Online With SupportingAds

The rising prices of essential commodities and growing needs forced me to look for other ways of increasing my income. I had heard that many people make thousands of dollars per month by working online so I started thinking of making some extra bucks by working on internet.

During my search of online business, I came across a u tube video in which a guy propagated how he makes $5000 per day through ClickBank. I applied the same method and tried to market ClickBank products but could not make any money for two months.

Then on the advice of some friends I used other ways to market ClickBank products but the end result was zero. I saw some videos on how to make money on Amazon, I tried these ways but could not make any money.

I was about to lose hope of making money online when I read about Google Adsense. I thought to give it a try so I created a blog, filled it up with some interesting articles and signed up with Google Adsense program.   In about a week I received an e mail telling me that they had rejected my request.

Meanwhile I read some reviews of which appreciated their program which was similar to Google Adsense. In some ways it was better than Google Adsense because it approved blogs and even small websites, was easy to use, payments were high and had responsive customer care support team.

So as the last resort I signed up with and was approved within 24 hours. I started earning $1 per day and it was so frugal that even my internet expenses were not met so I decided to close the internet and forget about making money online.

One day as I was checking my e mail, I found that I had received some money from, I checked my PayPal account and found $60 in it. Hurrah! That was a pleasant surprise. I had even forgotten that I had signed up with and not expecting this income.

I had earned $60 without doing anything. I had just created a blog and put some ads on it and the result was very encouraging. I sent an e mail to the customer care team of and asked them ways of  increasing my income.

In reply they sent me a long e mail suggesting many ways that can bring more traffic to my blog. I started improving my blog by adding videos and images to it, created new posts and pasted link of ever y new post to my FaceBook account.

My FaceBook friends started visiting my blog and reading my articles and the traffic increased. I had the liberty of using ads of other network on my blog and subsequently my income increased. When I had enough funds I purchased a domain and continued working with and got best results.

They posted my ads with relevance to the contents of website and this way the traffic increased. I received more clicks than I had expected and the CPC was higher. As a publisher I received about 80%of the share and started getting income every month through PayPal , Payza and sometimes wire bank transfers.

The customer support system was so cooperative that all of my problems were sorted out and my lack of computer skills was not a hindrance in my work. Since the same HTML code is used in displaying ads of other advertising networks, it became very easy for me to handle the entire operations single handedly.

Now I am a proud owner of my website and blog and would recommend supporting for anyone who wants to earn continuously and consistently.  

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